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Happy Pets. Happy Owners.

Click on the pictures or titles below to find out more about each service we offer. Each service is tailer-made to suit you and your pets so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements!

Dog Walking

Our dog walking service is tailered to YOUR needs. Solo walks or group works. Regular walks or one-off walks. We have experience walking numerous dogs, including dogs with special needs.

Dog Boarding
Dog Boarding

This is a service that we cannot offer currently as we are not lisenced by Sutton Council to have dogs stay overnight in our home.

Please let us know if you are thinking of using this service over summer or whilst you are on holiday because if we get enough interest we will obtain a lisence from Sutton Council.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is a great option for your pooch to make some doggy friends and have fun socialising in a home environment whilst you are out for the day. They get two walks a day, are fed and watered, played with and have their own quiet space for naps.

Pet Sitting

Many owners who have different types of pet chose pet sitting rather than boarding or daycare when they are out. We come to your house, play with your pets, feed and water them, take them for toilet breaks, and can do additional tasks such as collecting mail, changing litter tray, watering plants etc.

Pet Visits

Pet visits are great for pets that don't get walked but still need some attention during the day. Puppies who cannot go out yet, are being toilet trained or older dogs really benefit from regular pet visits. Cats are also perfect for this type of service as they like to stay in their own environment and we can still come and feed them, play with them, let them out, clean litter trays etc.

Poop Scoop
Poop Scoop

Our new service for 2015! If we are a regular visitor for pet sitting, visits or dog walking we can make this an add-on to your regular service.


For owners that just want a poop scoop service we come whenever you need us - often once or twice a week or before events like parties to clean up your garden and dispose of dog poo!

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