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Pet Sitting


Pet sitting is a great service for when you are away from home longer than usual - whether that's a long day or a weeks holiday! This is especially good for pets that are happiest staying in their own environment, or when you have more than one pet to be looked after.

Why use a pet sitter?


There are many benefits to using a pet sitter when you are away from home. These include:


  • Our service can be tailored to suit your pet's individual needs

  • Familiar sights, smells and routines are very comforting to your pets

  • Some pets (especially cats) are better suited to remaining at home

  • If you have different pets, you don't need to make different arrangements for all of them - such as small animal boarding, cattery, kennels etc.

  • We have years of experiance of all different pets

  • Your house doesn't look empty whilst you are away

  • We can do additional duties such as collecting the post, watering plants, putting the bins out etc.

Initial meeting / consultation


If we’re pet sitting at your house, we arrange an appointment to visit your home when you first call us. During this time, we:


  • Meet you and your pets and get detailed information about their care, idiosyncrasies and special needs. A form will be brought to the visit for your perusal and signature(s). It offers an option to pre-approve emergency pet care in case it is needed while you are away.

  • Obtain necessary paperwork for emergency veterinary care (see above)

  • Obtain payment for long term care. Alternatively, you can leave a check for payment on the kitchen counter before you leave.

  • Pick up a key to your home.

At each visit


We aim for each experience to be as personalised as possible and tailered to each person. This means that our pet sitting duties vary greatly from person to person, depending on the duration of our stay, the pets we are caring for and what our clients request. Here are some of the most common thing's we do


  • Feeding and watering your pets.

  • Exercising dogs by walks and play.

  • Administering medications if needed, including insulin, thyroid medication, antibiotics,vitamins, fluid therapy, etc.

  • Daily litter box maintenance.

  • Lots of affection and attention!

  • Additional Home Care may include:

  • Watering plants as needed.

  • Bringing in mail, packages and newspapers.

  • Taking out garbage or recycling if needed.

  • Turning on or off interior or exterior lights, adjusting shutters or shades, and other indicators of home presence.

Get in touch


If you have any questions or like to book any of our services then do not hesitate getting in touch via email or phone:




Please note that as we tailor this service to your needs so prices may vary, however standard prices are as follows:


Prices (1-3 pets)


1 visit per day - £12

2 visits per day - £20

3 visits per day - £26


Prices (4-6 pets)


1 visit per day - £18

2 visits per day - £26

3 visits per day - £32


2010 - present

2010 - present

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